2019 Jerry Tindel Clinics

June 25-28 Colt Starting

July 2-3 Horse/Mulemanship 1

July 4-5 Horse/Mulemanship 2

July 6-7 Driving Clinic

July 9 Defensive Riding

July 10-11 Learning to Lope with Confidence

July 12-13 Trail Trials

Tindell Progressive Training Program.  Jerry teaches his Six Step Program needed to create a safe riding program with your stock.  

Jerry has been around horses and mules his entire life starting with his Father’s involvement in driving mules for logging. An accomplished farrier as a young man, Jerry has gone on to become known and respected as one of North America’s top horse and mule trainers. The people who know Jerry would say he has helped them become a much better horseman and a better person and achieve the relationship with their animal they desire. Please confirm your spot by calling Contact Clinic Host Kim Baerg (403) 996-3105 eaglehillequine [at] live [dot] ca  or Tindell’s Horse and Mule School (760) 500-8129 or info [at] jerrytindell [dot] comLimit of 6 participants. Deposits and/or Payments with c.c. or using PayPal on Jerry’s site. (Cr/Cd processing fee may be applied) Auditors are welcome to any clinics and Jerry has offered for 2019 free auditing. Remember all clinics start at 9 am [to approx. 4 pm] and participants and auditors alike should be seated in the stands prior to 9 so as to take in the orientation each day which will vary. Jerry’s clinics ARE NOT split into two classes so you do not have to share your day with another class. Those who have already worked with Jerry recognize his commitment to those who want to learn. It is not unusual for Jerry to hold ‘’after hours’’ mini clinics on any topics that the participants request such as trimming or shoeing, worming and so on. Contact Kim at Eagle Hill Equine for questions, and to book stabling/haul in/facility fee. 403-996-3105 or eaglehillequine [at] live [dot] ca