Josh Nichol Clinic May 8-11 2017

Josh Nichol -- A Horseman's Pursuit 4 Day Clinic May 8-11 2017 Limited Rider spaces Audit $20/day "This style of horsemanship is very relational, it allows you to see yourself through your horse and continues as you advance through the process. Mastery in horsemanship begins with a commitment to bettering ourselves! This starts with taking ownership and responsibility for our part of the story, thus interpreting the horse's actions and performance differently. When we are aware of - and work on developing - our side of the relationship, we truly facilitate not only growth in our horses, but growth in ourselves. Good horsemanship challenges everything about our inner person. What an amazing gift: progressing in our horsemanship goes hand in hand with developing our best self! " Contact us at Eagle Hill Equine for information and registrations. eaglehillequine [at] live [dot] ca 403-556-1195